If It's Friday, It Must Be Pittsburgh

I write, dear blog reader, from the Pittsburgh airport. This was my first visit and I must say I found it to be a lovely city–which is what I had been told to expect.

The Autumn leaves here are quite spectacular. Haven’t seen such color since we left Minnesota back in ’99.

By the way, if you notice some odd line breaks in these posts from the road, it is because I have a new MacBook laptop and I am yet to find a web browser that is fully compatible with my blogging software.

Apple’s “Safari” hates it. “Firefox” is ambivilent.

And “Opera,” which I am using at this moment is interested and willing to negotiate everything but the linebreaks issue. Those are a non-starter.

Update: My friend Ted suggests in the comments that the problem lies with my blogging software. I suspect he is correct.