Still More Texas-Flavored Politics

Sorry, I’ll have this out of my system shortly. . .

Texas Governor Rick Perry endorsed Rudy Guiliani today. Now, I’m not on the Guiliani bandwagon. In fact, he’s near the bottom of my list of preferred nominees. But as I mentioned in the comments section of this post, if Rudy promises to nominate more Scalias and Alitos to the Supreme Court and he’s the nominee, I’m on board.

Well, as Byron York points out in this post on NRO, that’s precisely the reason the staunchly pro-life Perry cited for backing Rudy.

Meanwhile, an official at Bob Jones University has come out for Mitt Romney.

That has Jim Geraghty wondering if Mitt is quietly becoming the consensus choice of evangelical conservatives.

AA few weeks ago a friend of mine who is an unofficial advisor for Fred Thompson’s campaign asked me who I was leaning toward.

I noted my overwhelming ambivalence but mentioned Mitt as a possibility.  He looked a little surprised and said, “You mean you could vote for some guy who believes. . .” and then went on to cite some bizarre Mormon doctrine.

I thought for a moment and said, “Frankly, there are a number of things my Catholic friends believe that are not much stranger than that, and I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for a Catholic that is right on the issues.”

Interesting times, to say the least.