Speaking of Texas Politicians. . .

David Frum predicts that my fellow Texas crackpot Ron Paul will run for President as a third-party candidate when he fails to get the Republican nomination next year:

“He’ll have the money, he’ll have the ego, and he will have the cause. Will he have the votes? Maybe. If Hillary Clinton tacks to the center on national-security issues after Iowa & New Hampshire, as one assumes she will, or even if she appears to tack to the center, a space will open to her left, with at least 2% or 3% of the vote available there. That’s not much – but it may be enough to make a surprising difference.”

Frum seems to think Paul would pull more votes Hillary than from the Republican nominee. I hope that’s the case.

As we know, In 1992 Ross Perot pulled votes away from both major party candidates but more from Bush 41. Hillary’s husband won the White House with only 43% of the vote, and the rest is tragedy….I mean history.