I feel naughty.

Mrs. Blather and I just voted for Hillary in the Texas primary. Yes, for the very first time in my life I cast a vote for a Democrat. Mercifully, there was a sign indicating the line for Dem ballots so I did not have to ask for a one by name.

I’m not sure my mouth would have produced the word. I would have had to grunt, gesticulate and sign my desire for a “D-word’ ballot. But then they’re probably used to that.

My reasons? Three basically.

First, if one of the two leading Dems has to be the next president, I’d rather it be the battle-scarred realist than the love child of Che Guevara and Mr. Rogers. Better someone with her limited charm and powers of persuasion than America’s newest cult leader.

Second, I’m still convinced Hillary is more beatable in the general election, in the highly unlikely event that she should get the nomination. Especially given the levels of bitterness, wailing and teeth gnashing among the Obama faithful that would ensue.

Third, Obama is raising insane amounts of money. By some estimates, more than $70 million in the last few weeks alone. If Obami Wan Kenobi knocks Hillary out of the race today, then he can deploy all that money against McCain in the general election. But if Ms. 3A.M. hangs on to the convention, he’ll have to keep spending tons of that money against her.

Finally, there were no Republican races in my district that really mattered—no good guys in danger

So it was a slam dunk to mark my ballot for HRC. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t feel weird.

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