On the Eve of the Texas Primary. . .

. . .we’re pretty much being bombarded by robo-calls here at Chez Blather.

In the last 24 hours I’ve heard from robo-John McCain, robo-Cindy McCain, robo-Governor Rick Perry (for McCain), robo-Barack Obama, robo-Hillary Clinton, and a variety of lower level candidates.

I’ve also gotten one automated “push-poll” type call from the Huckabee campaign or a surrogate.  

Meanwhile, our television and radio spots are pretty much all Obama and Hillary all the time. I’ve seen Hillary’s widely-discussed “3 a.m.” spot many times. But I have not yet seen the this Obama response aired.

There are a couple of MesmerO spots (like this one) which make a big deal about his refusal to accept contributions from PACs and “Washington lobbyists.” What’s amusing is that the spots are frequently followed immediately by another pro-Obama ad created and placed by the powerful Service Employees International Union.

It does tend to undermine one’s I’m-Holier-and-Cleaner-Than-Everyone message just a tad when it’s consistently followed by good old fashioned Union boss muscle-flexing on your behalf. 

Seriously. Is there anything less fresh, less new, or less change-y than union bosses trying to swing elections with mandatorily-collected dues money?