Free Opinions

I know the blogging has been mighty sparse this week. So, here are three fresh opinions on current topics absolutely free of charge.

1. Scott McClellan–This most recent low pressure system in the gathering perfect storm of bad news for Republicans this year has forced me to face the following fact. President Bush, while a good person and a resolute war leader, may be the worst hirer of talent and character in the history of either talent or character. Or hiring for that matter.

Dear sweet mother of cheese, the last seven years have been filled with some epic poor personnel choices. Beginning with the decision to keep on Clinton leftovers George Tenet (CIA) and Norm Mineta (Transportation) through picking Colin Powell for State and installing Michael Brown at FEMA after the departure of fellow Okie, Joe Allbaugh.

Many hires and appointments were less than competent. Many others were less than conservative. It seems that Scott McClellan fell short on both counts.

2. One of the things I find most alarming about the prospect of an Obama presidency (in addition to the doctrinaire liberalism, the friendly legislature, and the angry, grievance-mongering wife) is the fact that he carries two dangerous qualities in very large measure–naiveté and hubris.

He is like Jimmy Carter was (and is) in this respect, only more so. And at least Carter had some executive experience as Governor of Georgia. Sen. Obama has never run anything or done anything. But his confidence in his charm and good intentions seems boundless.God help us all.

3. Last year it was my apple tree. This year the lemon shrub and pepper plants are going to produce mightily. . . in my opinion. (Pictures to follow.)