Taking Comfort Where One Finds It

As I mentioned below, the current political forecast can seem pretty bleak these days. In such times, you have to take your pleasures and comforts where you can. For me, that has meant enjoying some good old-fashioned schadenfreude over the ongoing battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Today there are a lot of liberal-Democrat types who are very, very cross with one another. Like the pro-Obama commenters here. And the pro-Hillary commenters here.

I must admit it has been giddy fun to watch huge swaths of the liberal activist universe wake up to the unpleasant realities of what it’s like to be their election opponent.

On one hand, the Obamaphiles have been shocked, traumatized and utterly gobsmacked to learn that their beloved Clintons (for whom many of them have been pining and waxing nostalgic over the last seven years) don’t play fair, operate with a huge sense of entitlement, and tend to be thoroughly vicious in their quest for power.

They’ve been experiencing and observing all the outrages that conservatives and Republicans complained about during the Bill Clinton years. But as those pro-Obama comments I linked to above reveal, they sincerely think the Clintons suddenly became these horrible people only in the last 12 months!

In like manner, the seething, frothing, rage-drunk mobs of lefties that inhabit the comment threads in places like The Daily Kos and The Huffington Post have been turning their fire hoses of bile upon Hillary and her supporters of late. Clinton partisans are deeply grieved and appalled to to learn how mean and nasty these people can be–twisting everything your candidate says and does into some grotesque caricature and attributing the worst possible motives to every act.

Good times.

I have a message for both sides of this ugly, mud-wrestling-for-power match:

This is what you people are like. All the time. You have just been blind and deaf to the awfulness because it usually just validates your biases. You have spent the last eight years applauding and cheering the same hideous manifestations that now cause you to shrink back in horror and offense.

This lengthy primary has provided you the opportunity to look in a mirror. Sorry if you don’t like what you’ve seen.