Confirmed! Obama's Indian Monkey God Lucky Charm


Well, shut my mouth and call me “Lord Hanuman.” It’s true!

In my previous post, I truly tried to give the Senator the benefit of the doubt. Frankly, I couldn’t bring myself to believe that a man who could very well be the next POTUS would be carrying around a good luck charm based upon a semi-simian Hindu deity. Particularly a guy who professes to be a Jesus follower.

But what do I come across today? The photo above is from a Time Magazine piece on what the candidates like to carry in their pockets for good luck. I learned that John McCain has a lucky penny. Senator Clinton has a bracelet with a cross charm on it. And Senator Obama?

Well, based upon the photo above, let’s just say Sen. Lightworker likes to keep his bases covered. According to Time, the Senator is carrying:

  • A U.S. soldier’s bracelet (currently deployed in Iraq)
  • A gambler’s “lucky chit”
  • A “Madonna and Child” charm
  • “A tiny monkey god”
  • And three or four other unidentified items, among which seems to be a slug, an angel coin, yet another Virgin Mary charm, and some other coin-y detritus.

Good grief, it’s a wonder the man can keep his pants up! Superstitious much?