I Am a Bad Blogger


Actually, I am a former blogger, I suppose. A bad blogger would blog occasionally, though badly.

I, on the other hand, conceive a half dozen brilliant blog posts daily and post none of them. Oh, the gems of wit and pearls of incisiveness that have gone unshared! Oh, the inanity!

Life at this moment is . . . complicated.  Good. But complicated. Which I hate.

How’s the home sale going you ask?

Pretty good it seems. We’ve had lots of interested folks looking at it from Day One. Several couples have viewed it two or three times. Which has not only meant keeping the house in a constant state of metaphysical pristine-itude, but also grabbing the dog and evacuating the house every time the phone rings. It’s only been a week but that drill has already lost all its charm.

Thankfully, we received an offer on the house yesterday. It was a wee bit lower than we are prepared to accept so there is some negotiating to be done.  But it looks promising.

Which means we’ll be packing and moving the week before school starts. Which sounds complicated to me.  (Sigh.)

Thus the blogging forecast calls for a slight chance of isolated musings with intermittent micro-rants.

Thank you, patient and long-suffering reader.