Why such sparse bloggage the last few weeks?

This has something to do with it . . .


Yes, Casa Holland went on the market a few days ago, preparing for which required a ridiculous amount of fix-up, spruce-up, touch-up, clean-up, put up–not to mention check-writing that occasionally made me want to throw-up. (Just kidding.)

[Here is the listing in case you know someone in buying mode.]

Why are we selling? Where are going? What’s to become of us?

Well, it’s a little complicated.

First, we’re not leaving the area. We’re currently looking at nice leasing-opportunities within a four-mile radius of our current home (and they are legion). Nor is there anything wrong with our current home. In fact, we have loved living here and still do. The girls are quite emotional about the prospect of giving it up.

We have known for some time, however, that this is not the house we want to pay off and live in the rest of our lives. It has more steps and stairways than a Bavarian castle. Nor is it very mother-in-law friendly. In fact, it’s downright mother-in-law hostile.

Thus, selling this place at some point in the next few years has been a given. And over the last few months I’ve become convinced that the best opportunity to sell at a good price is right now.

Just the prospect of an Obama election accompanied by increased Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress is sobering enough. (Check out this Wall St. Journal op-ed suggesting that the current turmoil and losses in the stock markets are in anticipation of an Obama victory.)

But it’s more than that. I think there may be a storm coming.

If so, being debt free and flexible will be a very good thing. If I’m wrong–and I hope I am–well we’ll be debt free and flexible! . . . having sold a home we knew we would have to sell eventually. We’ll buy a pretty lot a build something just the way Mrs. Blather wants it.

So, why are we selling our house? Just think of it as an early vote of “no confidence” in the Obama administration.