Aaaaaand, I'm Back

Well, that was some Thanksgiving feast.

I don’t usually eat a lot of sweets or desserts. Thus, it seems the prodigious amounts of delicious coconut cream pie I consumed a week ago Thursday stunned my immune system into a catatonic state of surrender.

Woke up Friday morning with a hint of a sore throat and immediately started a regimen of in-the-bud nipping involving zinc lozenges, Zicam, Airborne, Vitamin C, and robust rebukage.

Alas, by that evening I felt like Abe Vigoda looks. It was downhill from there. Left for Richmond on a business trip Sunday evening feeling like I was walking around with my head in a bucket of misery-flavored jello. Formidable levels of prayer and Dayquil got me through.

Watched my first Christmas movie of the year the other night . . . one of my favorites . . . “A Christmas Story,” which is marking its 25th anniversary this year. A late bloomer, that one. In its honor, I decided to finally order the book from which the movie was adapted–In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd.

Shepherd also wrote the brilliant screenplay, narrated the film, and played the cranky man who sends Ralphie to the back of the Santa line at the department store. I’ll let you know, dear reader, if the book equals the genius of the movie script.

Meanwhile, I’m back to 85% of feeling great and avoiding holiday sweets (mostly). Blogging frequency should increase.