Around Our House

As regular patrons of this happy blog well know, we changed houses a few months ago. We’re settled in and Tracy has worked her usual wonders. Inside we’re fully Christmasized (I can see four Christmas trees from where I’m sitting at this moment).

On the outside, however, we’re sending mixed messages. Sure, we have wreaths and garland hanging from gates, walls and arches. But it’s sunny and 65 outside right now. And because we havent had a good, honest-to-Jack-Frost freeze yet this year, much of the flora around the house doesn’t know it’s December.

For example, the “Encore Azalea” by the waterfall in front is still taking a bow.


Like an actress on the last night of a theatrical production, she’s milking Autumn’s curtain call for all she can. Meanwhile, in the backyard, Mrs. Blather’s geraniums are still in fine form and the dwarf Meyer lemon tree’s production for 2008 has finally ripened.


Tracy picked the first one of the year the other night and used it in a chicken recipe that called for a lemon. It was wonderful. Meyer lemons are not true lemons. They are a hybrid that crosses a lemon with a certain type of orange — resulting in a large lemon which is a little sweeter than usual.

The Farmer’s Almanac says we should get an ice storm or two between now and Christmas. That may be so. But for now, tomorrow’s forecast is calling for showers and 71.

When life hands you lemons. Make rosemary chicken. That’s what we say.