A Jealous god, Government Is

Astonishing. President Obama’s budget contains a provision that will actually discourage charitable giving.

The Washington Times reports:

Roberton Williams, senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center, said it’s impossible to calculate the exact effects of all the tax changes, but said the overall result is clear – less philanthropic giving.

“This will lead people to give less to charities if they behave the way they’ve behaved in the past,” he said. “We’ve already seen a drop in giving as a result of the economic collapse. On top of that, this will just reduce the amount of giving.”

Why would the guy who has spent the last year challenging us all to be noble and less selfish actually discourage people with money from giving it away? Because when you view government as god-like — the rightful bestower of all benevolence and good — you view private charities and ministries as competitors. Messianic government is a jealous god.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Asked about that, Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag said Mr. Obama took care of that by giving charities government money to make up part of the difference. “Contained in the recovery act, there’s $100 million to support nonprofits and charities as we get through this period of economic difficulty,” he said.

Do yo get it? The message is: “We don’t want individuals giving directly to charities. We’ll confiscate more money from the most productive citizens and then we’ll dole the money out to the charities we favor.”

Never forget,for the left, it’s always about power and control. Always.

(Let me say for about the 5th time–if you want to understand what’s being done to us, read this)

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