Happy Bard-Day


Today is William Shakespeare’s birthday. To mark the day I thought I’d mention something I linked to several years ago, but recent discoverers of this happy blog may have missed.

It is not widely appreciated that Shakespeare was a world class insulter. His plays contain some of the finest put downs and disses ever composed by the dark human heart. Don Rickles and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog are mere hackers compared to Bill.

A few years ago, some enterprising English Lit major decided to assemble all of the insults from Shakespeare’s works and put them in a random generating database. Thus was born . . .  the Shakespearean Insult Generator.

My brief visit there this morning produced:

Thou saucy dismal-dreaming hugger-mugger!

Thou artless ill-breeding flap-dragon!

Thou rank hasty-witted giglet!

Get over there and try it in honor of the bard before I get cranky and call you a “clouted fen-sucked death-token.” Which I would probably later regret.