Monday Mutterings

It was quite a weekend. Female Offspring Unit #3, a 9th-grader, was in a big musical production at school. Seussical the Musical was a boffo success but now comes the big anti-climactic, post-event letdown. Now it’s back to school-as-usual. What’s worse, we’re in those final focus-challenged weeks before school lets out for summer.

F.O.U. #2, our Senior, got back from Kenya a few weeks ago after a couple of weeks in and around Nairobi working with AIDS orphans, blind orphans, and leading worship at an African pastors conference . Now the child is saying she wants to go back and work for a year before entering college. This is the thanks you get for teaching your kids to take the Bible seriously. They end up wanting to go off to some scary, dusty place and love on unloved people instead of joining a sorority and heading for the mall. Ingrates.

F.O.U. #1 and I are talking about co-writing a book together–something for teen girls. The unexpected Paul Harvey book project put those plans on hold for a bit, but now that the book is off to the publisher, we can resume. Speaking of the book . . .

Dan Rather backed out of writing the foreword after reading the manuscript. I wasn’t surprised. Paul Harvey was pretty outspoken about liberal bias in the media and the book reflects that criticism. My co-author found a willing replacement, however. Some guy named Hannity.

We also have endorsement blurbs from Rush Limbaugh, Mike Huckabee, Mike Gallagher, and Jim Bohannon.

Here’s your Paul Harvey quote for the day:

“Americans, there’s an election going on—every day the devil votes against you, God votes for you, and you cast the deciding vote.”

Flying out to Atlanta this afternoon–right in the midst of this swine flu stuff. Part of me wonders if I should buy a surgical mask to wear in the international airport hubs of DFW and Atlanta. I won’t, of course. Praying for protection is a more reliable strategy, anyway.

But speaking of the talk of potential pandemic . . . How does it make you feel to know that your President and his teleprompter haven’t gotten around to filling the following government positions?

  • Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • 19 other key posts at HHS
  • Head of the Centers for Disease Control
  • Surgeon General

Read all about it here. And have a great day!