Random News Bits

I’m trying to revive the Chris Matthews’ Leg site which was pretty much ignored while I worked on the Paul Harvey book. I’m moving the bulk of that activity to Twitter in hopes that the shorter format will be conducive to more frequent updates. You can visit the new Chris Matthews’ Leg Twitter feed here.


Speaking of the book . . . received Sean Hannity’s foreword yesterday. He was very gracious to write it and did a great job. Here’s a snippet of what Sean wrote:

Now that he is no longer with us, there are likely to be many biographies of this great and beloved man. But what we need in our troubled times is something more: we need to rekindle our own version of his love for America, to awaken our own passion to protect her at any cost. This is what Stephen Mansfield and David Holland have given us a chance to do. They have told us of Paul Harvey the man, but they have also told of Paul Harvey’s vision for America and this is a vision we desperately need to renew today.

It sounds self-serving, but I really do hope that a lot of Americans read the book. I wish it because those who read it will hear a pretty compelling articulation of the central message of Paul Harvey’s life. That is, “For God and country’s sake, stand up on your own two feet and stop looking to the government to solve your problems or meet your needs.”


I mentioned the new Kindle a few posts ago. According to this article, Amazon is about to unveil and even newer big screen version.