Kenya Update

We had a good, long Skype webchat with our girl in Nairobi this weekend–with both audio and video. Seeing her face and hearing her voice was like water to a parched desert traveler for her mother.


Actual water continues to be a precious commodity there in Kenya. Our former homecoming queen mentioned that she had learned several valuable life skills in her first month there. She said:

“I’ve learned how to wash all of my clothes with only a liter of water. I’ve learned how to bath in a bucket the size of my face. And at night, I can wash my face and brush my teeth with only a dixie cup of water.”

She’s about to settle into a new routine–teaching math three days a week at an orphanage/family shelter, and on the other two days teaching young pastors how to use the Bible software that comes with the computers they are given by¬†the ministry in which she is a volunteer.


It seems she’s busy, weary, and living in conditions that are uncomfortable to say the least. But it’s also clear to us she has no interest in coming back early. She’s having the time of her life.