Oh, And Another Thing

Forgot to mention this in the update below . . .


As I’ve previously reported, Female Offspring Unit #2 will be off to Norman in the fall to start her college adventure, much to the good-natured consternation of my OSU poke readers.

Well we got a piece of good news this week. A letter from OU informs us that FOU#2 has been invited to be a President’s Community Scholar which, we’re informed, is something that about 100 of the 6,000 incoming freshman are selected for each year.

It’s a program for students who have demonstrated a commitment to community service and volunteerism. President’s Community Scholars have periodic meetings, retreats and special activities. Oh, and did I mention there was some money involved?

If she maintains a certain GPA, she’ll get a tuition waiver that will reduce our out-of-state tuition rate down to the in-state rate for all four years. This is good because:

A) We’re all from Oklahoma; She was born there; and both sets of grandparents still live there. And,
B) I seem to have temporarily misplaced all of my money.

So we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice.

And that’s all the news from Lake Wobegon.