Okay, Maybe I'll Calm Down a Little


There are a number of things one should never do when angry or agitated. Among them are:

  • Hit the send button on an email.
  • Shave with a straight razor.
  • Defuse an IED
  • Respond to a question from your wife about her thighs.
  • Respond to a question from airport security about your thighs.
  • Write Blog or Twitter posts.

One of the great things about being a Christian is having dual citizenship. I’m not just a citizen of the United States, I’m a subject in an invisible kingdom.

Sure, it’s heartbreaking to watch a great and noble country driven off a cliff by arrogant know-nothings. It’s painful to watch a significant segment of the population fall for Ponzi promises and the lie that they can be both taken care of and free.

But at the end of the day, this life is just a vapor. If the United States slipped beneath the waves tomorrow, the kingdom of God would continue to grow and thrive. And a hundred-thousand years after the columns of the Capitol building have crumbled into dust, that kingdom’s subjects will still just be getting warmed up in exploring the wonders of what their King has prepared for them.

So how about a few random updates and links!

Mystery Book Project

I’m on deadline and writing like the wild man of Borneo every day. Sadly, I still can’t make an official announcement about the subject matter or title until the publisher pulls the tablecloth off of a mock up of the cover and shouts “Ta-da!”

I have to have a rough draft done by mid-April. That means getting into my time-tested book-writing routine:

Waking up earlier than I’d care to every morning; drinking some coffee while also massaging some into my typing fingers: banging randomly on the keyboard until about noon; then walking away for a work out, errands and honey-dos. Then I start my day job. At some point in the evening I turn back to working on the book and grind on it until I collapse into a lumpy, twitching pile of protoplasm.

Memory Lane


Here’s as massive archive of vintage movie posters and ads for TV shows.

More Memory Lane


Retro Cereal Boxes

Updates on My Previous Post

Here are three quick links that relate to topics in yesterday’s rant: