Anti-War (on business) Sentiment Grows


I’m referring to growing opposition to the Obama-Reid-Pelosi war on the job creating class. Finally, after being a kid in the late 60s; a pro-Reagan square in the 80s; and a  supporter of many aspects of the global war on terror since 9/11; I finally get to be a peace-nik. “Woo-hoo! Peace now!”

I’m calling for an end to the liberal war on job-creators, a.k.a. business owners. “Hey, hey, ho ho. The health care mandate’s got to go!”

I pointed out in a recent post that entrepreneurs and small business owners are under siege from Washington.

The socialist revolutionaries, the Utopians, the Deweyist social engineers at the elite universities, and the bi-coastal beautiful people of the entertainment industrial complex all have something in common–a robust disdain for the kind of people who start and grow businesses. They are “money-grubbing shop keepers” and “greedy little merchants.”

Hollywood reflexively portrays anyone who runs a business large enough to employ other people as abusive. callous exploiters of humanity. The last decent human being to own a business on television was Arnold, the malt shop owner on Happy Days.

In the last few days there have been other online voices joining this anti-war movement. For example:

A few days ago, the Daily Caller ran a piece by Congressman Joe Pitts headlined–“Burying Small Businesses in Paperwork” Here’s a excerpt:

Every year millions of Americans risk their savings and work hard to start a small business . . . Small businesses all over America have just been told that they will have to pay billions more in taxes to foot the bill for Obamacare.  That’s money that might otherwise go to job creation.  That’s just one reason why America isn’t creating more jobs.

Over at Hot Air, “Doctor Zero” writes:

There’s nothing terribly mysterious about our high unemployment rate.  The primary engine of job creation in the United States is small business, which is generally held to produce about 70% of new jobs. . .

If rising labor costs lead to unemployment, then a helping of pork-fried “stimulus” should make businesses hire people, right?  Of course not.  Employment is a long-term relationship.  Businesses, especially small ones, hire people to meet future needs, not to collect one-time subsidies.  Thin curtains woven from taxpayer dollars cannot hide the predatory government currently in power… or the uncertain future of command economics, driven by irrational ideology, it offers.

With politically connected unions and mismanaged blue states teetering on the edge of collapse, they can anticipate even greater transfers of money from private to public sectors… which will mean even greater burdens for what remains of private industry.  Every small business owner knows that his personal income turns him into a target for this Administration and Congress.  Artillery is already incoming from the expiring Bush tax cuts.  Why take risks, when the rewards will simply be confiscated by a ravenous government?

I recommend reading the whole thing.

All I am saying is give peace a chance. I must go now. I have to organize a sit in. Power to the people!