On Assignment in Santa Fe


After spending a few days with my folks in Oklahoma, I had a good 12 hours at home (seven of which I spent sleeping) before flying out to Santa Fe for four days of work on a new project.

It’s work. But it’s very pleasant work. I’m staying in a guest house on a mountainside overlooking the city of Santa Fe. I’m at about 7600 ft. elevation which means the nights are cool and the days are pleasantly warm. I’m writing while watching hummingbirds zip and buzz between the coral-colored blooms to my left and the lavender ones on my right.

As I said, it is pleasant work, marred only the fact the Mrs. Blather is not here with me to enjoy it and, having been on the road for most of a week, I’m missing her sorely.

A few random items:

  • A couple of months ago I posted about the Obama cabinet’s glaring lack of private sector, a.k.a., real world experience. Yesterday, Investor’s Business Daily picks up the theme with “The Cabinet from Another World.”
  • Here are “The 10 States with the Worst Roads and Bridges” so you’ll know when to pray extra hard while driving.
  • In keeping with the New Mexico theme, here’s a a poignant Depression-era photo of a girl in Bosque, New Mexico. bosque
  • View the stunning full-size image here.

Homeward bound tomorrow.