Bin Laden is Dead

A full 24 hours after the “new” Osama Bin Laden tape was convincingly proven to have been shot in October of 2001, Drudge’s main headline is still shouting: “Bin Laden Appears in New al-Qaida Video”.  

On the case are the guys over at Hot Air. Scroll down on this post to see a comparison of screen grabs from the new video and one that is more than 5-and-a-half years old. I’m telling you, if OBL could be propped up in front a camera, given a shot of adrenaline, and gotten to say five date-fixing words that show he’s still alive, they would do it, but they can’t.

Because he’s dead.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the release of this video isn’t being used a a signal. Michelle Malkin has the overview.