On Tom Watson as the Sun Sets

Dean Barnett over at Hugh Hewitt’s blog posted a fine tribute to golf great Tom Watson today in light of Watson’s back-nine collapse at the Senior U.S. Open last weekend. 

Barnett clearly loves the greatness of the game and the game’s greats. A snippet:

If this turns out to be Watson’s final moment in the competitive limelight, it will provide an end to his career worthy of the finest fiction. Like most golf fans, I was rooting for Tom Watson on Sunday. But there was something heroic about the way he stoically bore the crumbling of his game and the dream of one last championship. During those torturous last eight holes, he never complained, never whined, never showed any temper or even disappointment. Afterwards, he characteristically offered no excuses, and instead acknowledged the sometimes brutal and unforgiving accountability that characterizes golf.

Read the whole thing: “The Fall of the Legend